Health & Safety

Health & Safety Risk Assessments We always prepare a written Risk Assessment for each production. We are justifiably very proud of our unblemished safety record over the last 20 years of film making and we will continue to make safety our first concern.Our Risk Assessments and our ‘on set’ protocols are based on a collaborative approach with all the other Heads of Department.On the floor we work through the First Assistant Director at all times. Producers should be aware that there are many potential hazards when film making but should remember that few other properties apart from firearms are designed to kill and maim.

  1. BLAST INJURY - Caused by burning gases, unburned propellant, wadding and debris discharged from the barrel.
  2. NOISE INJURY - Blank and live rounds provide very high impulse noise levels in excess of 100 decibels.
  3. SPENT CASES - injuries and possible DAMAGE from ejecting spent cases.
  4. SECURITY - The loss or theft of weapons.
  5. PUBLIC DISTRESS - breach of the peace (misuse of weapons on location)